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Dikir barat is a style of call and response singing originating in Kelantan. It is well known throughout the Peninsular through local television and performing groups. A dikir barat group, which may be of any size, is led by a tukang karut or Tok Jogho who makes up poems and sings them as he goes along. The chorus echoes in response, verse by verse. Dikir barat groups usually perform during various festive occassions, and their poems are usually light entertainment and may be about any topic, but are not religious in nature. The chorus traditionally consists of all men, but modern groups, especially those performing on television, often include women. Traditionally, no musical instruments are used, the singing being accompanied instead by rhythmic clapping and energetic body movements. Some groups however do use a pair of frame drums or rebana, a shallow gong and a pair of maracas, for accompaniment.

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