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Many reseach have been done to find the real history of Dikir Barat in Malaysia, but until now the still no 100% realible history about it.According to history sources, Dikir Barat is a base on the dance called "Tarian Patung Inai" that was very popular among Siam and Kelantan Society around 1800 to 1940. Then Pak Leh Tapang (Hj. Salleh) changes it to Dikir Barat. 

"Tarian Patung Inai" is a traditional dance that presented on a wedding ceremony where a leader (Tok Jogha) sings a song and then followed together by other members in the Dikir Barat group. The music of Dikir Barat follows the rhythms of "rebab" or "rebana Sunda". This activity has been a must when a wedding ceremony was held in Malay villages. 

Dikir Barat also has connection with "Dikir Laba" or known as "Dikir Punjab". "Dikir Punjab" is play in Punjab language (Hindustan) or in Arabic language and has a very close connection with "Qawwali". "Qawwali" is a very popular culture among Indian. In Dikir Laba, the members of the group will sing a song and try to follow the rythms  by move thier body. They must raise their voice very loud. 

It does not care what kind the dikir it is,  Tok Jogho has a very big responsiblity to make the song alive.

In year 1948, Pak Leh Tapang has change the way Patung Inai was play by adopting some of the elements from Dikir Laba and Dikir Punjab. The word "Barat (west)" is because Kelantan and Siam society was called as west society and that why dikir in Kelantan is called Dikir Barat. 

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